Shoko Docs

Welcome to Shoko Docs, the online documentation for the Shoko suite of programs and plugins.

Whats Covered On Shoko Docs

Shoko Docs covers all First Party programs and plugins, providing updates and new material as Shoko continues to develop. We encourage the addition and updating of Third Party programs and plugins but will not be actively maintaining them. We request the developers or users familiar with the program or plugin update their documentation as needed.

Shoko Docs currently covers the following programs / plugins.

  • Shoko Server
  • Shoko Desktop
  • Shoko On Plex
  • My Anime 3

In addition, Shoko Docs also contains the following resources.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Shoko Changelog

Contributing To Shoko Docs

Shoko Docs, like Shoko itself is open-source and hosted on GitHub. We encourage all our users to help us make Shoko Docs even better by contributing where possible so everyone can benefit.

Languages Used

Shoko Docs is built using Bootstrap 4.1 and is written in the following languages. While you are not required to know them, please be familiar with them when making any changes.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript


To create uniformity, we will be enforcing the following standards for any submissions to the documentation.

  • Indenting is 1 Tab / 2 Spaces.
  • Unless already used, do not use abbreviations.
  • All explanations of functions must be clear and detailed.
  • Provide examples when and if needed.
  • Code commenting is optional.

If you have questions, please contact us on Discord server using the Support link at the top.