Desktop on Linux

  1. Download the latest Shoko Desktop latest (zip) from Github.

    • Extracting to ~/ works fine, but you can also extract directly into the Wine environtment’s virtual C:/ later.
  2. Install the following from your distributions repository or flatpak

    • winetricks
    • Lutris (optional as other tools can be used)
  3. Launch winetricks to configure a wineprefix

    • Choose create new wineprefix (x64_x86 is fine) and <name it>.
    • Install a Windows DLL or component
      • d3dcompiler_47
      • dotnet40 - prereq for dotnet 48
      • dotnet48*
      • vcrun2013

You can now exit winetricks if it is still open.

At this point the environment is ready and you may choose to use a different tool to proceed

Lutris setup

Launch Lutris

  1. Click the Add top left and configure the tabs per below
    • Game info
      • Name: <give it one>
      • Runner: Wine (Runs Windows Games)
    • Game options
      • Executable: <path to ShokoDesktop.exe which will be wherever you extracted to>
      • Wine Prefix: <path to your prefix>
      • Prefix architecture: Auto (default)
    • Runner options
      • Wine Version: System 7.0-rc6 (staging)) **
      • Use system winetricks - ON
      • Enable DXVK - (OFF!)
  2. Save
  3. Launch the “game”

Note: You may get an rt error on launch, after dismissing the error everything should be fine.

** The following runners have been tested and confirmed to be working

  • 7.0 rc6
  • lutris-ge-6.16-1-x86_64
  • 6.10