Installing and Setting Up SQLite

Installing and setting up MySQL for use with Shoko Server.

Why SQLite

SQLite is the easiest of the three database types to setup with its one-click setup, its designed for users who want to avoid additional database setup and are OK with the default database settings. The slow response times and problems with multiprocessing that are common with SQLite databases have been mitigated with the built-in cache system

SQLite Installation

No requirements are needed to perform a SQLite Installation. If you believe your collection will contain less than 200 series, you may continue with the installation of Shoko Server.

If you have encountered an issue and wish to reset your SQLite database, then it is as simple as deleting the JMMServer.db3 file.

Location Options Notes
"C:\ProgramData\ShokoServer\SQLite\JMMServer.db3" N/A Default location for SQLite Database.