Shoko Server - Settings Tab

The Settings tab allows you to configure certain settings for Shoko Server.

Available Settings

At this time, only a handful of settings, related to starting Shoko Server are available for configuration in Shoko Server. The rest of the configurable settings are in the Settings Tab in Shoko Desktop.

Option Description
Server Port The port Shoko Server will use, by default it’s set to 8111. Shoko Server also uses a second port tats not configurable, 8112.
Image Path The location where Shoko Server will download and store all images. Clicking Set Default will set the path to C:\ProgramData\ShokoServer while clicking Select Custom Folder will allow you to choose a custom location. If using a Custom Location, it cannot be a location where administrative rights are required.
Minimize On Startup If enabled, Shoko Server will start minimized.
Start With Windows If enabled, adds a RegKey that makes Shoko Server start with Windows.
Update AniDB Info Opens the AniDB account window allowing you to update your AniDB login.
Launch Web UI When clicked, will open the Shoko Server Web UI. For more information on the Web UI, please read the section below.
Shoko Server - Settings Tab
Shoko Server - Settings Tab

Shoko Server WebUI

While available for use, the Shoko Server Web UI is still in development so not all functionality present in Shoko Server is available in the Web UI. The goal of the Web UI is to eventually replace the current Shoko Server UI as part of our plan to make Shoko Server cross-platform.

We will always include the latest stable release in the latest version of Shoko Server. For those wanting to try the latest features, download the latest DEV version from the release pages on Github.