Shoko Server - Import Tab

Breakdown of the Import tab, it's functions and what they do.

What Is The Import Tab?

The Import Folders tab is where you'll manage all your import folders that Shoko uses. A Import Folder is a local, network or cloud location that contains your anime files. Depending on how each folder is setup in Shoko, different options are available and different tasks for that import folder are preformed. There is no max limit to the number of Import Folders you can have but you are required to have One Import Folder in order to use Shoko.

How Long Will Importing Take?

There is no simple answer to this question as "Importing" a file covers multiple steps that the file goes through which we've outlined below.

1. Hashing The File

The file is first hashed, the amount of time this takes depends on a couple different factors such as the filesize, your CPU and the HDD read/write speed that contains the file.

2. Comparing Hash On AniDB

After the file has been hashed, the hash is compared against AniDB, if the hash is found then the file is associated with the episode the hash belongs to and the series the episode belongs to. If this is a new series, then additional commands are added to the General Worker to pull the needed data for the series from The TvDB.

3. Downloading Additional Data

If the file belongs to a new series, information related to the series and each episode in the series is downloaded from The TvDB. If additional community sites are enabled, such as MAL or Trakt.TV then additional commands are added to the General Worker to update the metadata on your profile on those sites.

Available Options

Option Description
Remove Folder Will remove the selected import folder. This will not physically delete the files but will remove them from your collection.
New Folder Allows you to add a new Import Folder for use with Shoko Server. For additional information on adding an Import Folder, please see the section below.
Shoko Server - Import Tab
Shoko Server - Import Tab

Adding A New Import Folder

Click New Folder to add a import folder for your collection.

A new window will open allowing you to specify the import folder's settings. To make things easier and reduce the chance of making a mistake, we recommend clicking the Folder Icon to select the location of the import folder. If your import folders are external hard drives, network drives or hosted on the cloud, make sure to update their locations if they happen to change. Otherwise you'll start to receive errors and depending on the actions you run, the entries for those files in your database could be deleted.

Once done click the Save button to add your import folder.

Option Description
Provider The Import Folder type, if you've added a Cloud Account you'll be able to select it otherwise Local File System will be selected by default. Please note, Import Folders are linked to a Single Provider and cannot be used with Import Folders from another Provider,
Import Folder Path The location of the Import Folder, if it's a Local Provider then you'll select the folder and if it's a Cloud Provider then you'll select the folder from a list of available folders.
Drop Source An Import Folder marked as a Drop Source will have it's files moved to the folder marked as a Drop Destination. To have Shoko Server moves files automatically from a Drop Source once detected, make sure to enable Watch For New Files for the that Drop Source.
Drop Destination Used in conjunction with at lease one Drop Source. All files will be moved and sorted into the specifiedDrop Destination with files belonging to the same series automatically grouped up and placed in a new folder with the series named based on yourPreferred Language Preference setting. You can only have one Drop Destination per Provider and cannot use Drop Sources from a different Provider.
Watch For New Files An Import Folder marked with Watch For New Files will have any files detected imported into your collection. Useful if use a custom sorting solution and don't want Shoko Server moving your files for you and don't want to have to manually execute Run Import each time you add files to your Import Folder.
Shoko Server - Add Import Folder
Shoko Server - Add Import Folder