Cloud Accounts

The Cloud Accounts tab allows users to add Cloud Accounts for use with Shoko. Once linked, users can map Import Folders on their cloud and have their collection imported into Shoko Desktop.

Supported Cloud Hosts

We currently support the following cloud hosts. While we cannot guarantee we'll add your cloud host, if it's not listed below you can always request support for it by creating an issue on GitHub.

  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Google Drive
  • One Drive

Additional Information

  • If you remove a Cloud Account, all associated import folders and files will be removed from your database.
  • You cannot mix Import Folders from two different cloud accounts.
  • You cannot mix Local Import Folders with Cloud Import Folders.
  • If the Import Folder option Watch For New Files is selected, the import folder will be checked every 3 minutes for new files.
Shoko Server - Cloud Accounts Tab
Shoko Server - Cloud Accounts Tab

Adding A Cloud Host

First click the Add Account button to open the Cloud Accounts window.

Select the Service Provider you'd like to add then assign a Name for the cloud account, you can name it whatever you'd like as it's just used as a reference for you. Once your'e done click the Connect button, you'll be taken to your selectedService Providers website where you'll be asked to login into your account. This is what allows Shoko access to your cloud account, we don't store your username or password nor do you have to input it each time Shoko access your cloud account. Read and follow all prompts, once done click the Savebutton to add your cloud account.

Shoko Server - Add Cloud Account
Shoko Server - Add Cloud Account