Shoko Server - Actions Tab

Breakdown of the Action tab, it's functions and what they do.

What Is The Actions Tab?

While the majority of the tasks Shoko runs are automatic, you can run some of the more important tasks manually in the Actions tab instead of waiting for them to run depending on the timer you set. Depending on your settings, some of these settings will only run if manually activated providing a more fine-tune control over data sent to the various community sites you are currently using.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when manually running tasks.

  • The time it takes to complete a task depends on your collection size.
  • Clicking on an task multiple times will stack the task which depending on your collection size could lead to a temporary ban.
  • The Commands Toolbar at the bottom will keep track of your remaining tasks and the current items being processed.


Below are the currently available actions you can manually run, its recommend to not blindly click and stack multiple actions.

Available Actions Description
Run Import Scans your Local and Cloud import folders and adds any new files that are discovered to your collection.
Remove Missing Files Scans your Currently Available import folders and will remove all entries in the database that do not have a physical file match. If you have import folders that are shared network drives or external drives, make sure they are available before running this command.
Sync MyList Syncs your collection metadata with your AniDB MyList.
Sync Trakt Collection Syncs your collection metadata with your Trakt account.
Sync Hashes Syncs your files hashes (ED2k, CRC32, MD5, SHA1) to the Web Cache. This is usually done automatically when Shoko hashes the file and is usually used for users who have been using the same database before Cloud support was added.
Upload Local Votes To AniDB and MAL Syncs your votes with AniDB and will only upload your votes to MAL as Downloading votes from MAL is currently not supported.
Sync Plex Watch Status Syncs your local watch states with Plex.
Update All AniDB Series Info Updates all series AniDB info in your collection.
Update All TvDB Info Updates all series TvDB info in your collection.
Update All Trakt Info Updates all series Trakt info in your collection.
Update All Stats Updates all series stats such as watched state and missing files.
Update All Media Info Updates all technical details about the files in your collection.
Update Images Checks current image settings and updates series images to match. Currently this action will only increase the amount of available images, not decrease them.
Shoko Server - Actions Tab
Shoko Server - Actions Tab