Shoko Frequently Asked Questions

This is an ongoing list of frequently asked questions that has been complied in one location to better help everyone. as these are just frequently asked questions you may not see the answer to your question. we suggest checking the related page in the documentation for your answer, if you still can’t find your answer feel free to ask us directly on our discord server using the support link at the top.

General Questions

We want to make something very clear, using Shoko will not get you permanently banned from AniDB. Shoko uses the official AniDB api and complies with all rules and guidelines for using it.

The “banned” message you’re seeing is simply telling you that you’ve been temporarily banned for excessive connection attempts. AniDB will sometimes temporarily ban a user if it thinks you are attempting to leech data. by making excessive connection attempts that’s usually in the range of a couple hundred attempts in a very short period of time, the algorithm used by AniDB will come to the conclusion that you are leeching data and temporarily ban you. in reality you’ve done nothing wrong and just need to wait out the ban which can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours depending on the severity. also keep in mind that browsing AniDB while Shoko is scraping and downloading data can also increase the chance of getting a temporary ban as your creating more connection attempts.

If you find yourself with a temporary ban, you should not attempt to perform any scraping or updating of AniDB data for at least 15 minutes just to be sure you don’t get temporarily banned again for what looks like a repeated attempt at data leeching. after 15 minutes you can try again and if you are still temporarily banned then you'll need to wait a couple hours. also it's import to understand that changing your ip address to circumvent a temporary ban can lead to a permanent ban for forceful manipulation.

Shoko does not auto-update, make sure you are installing the new version and not just downloading it. earlier versions of Shoko included an auto-update program that was failing for a considerable amount of users causing the update to not apply correctly. it was decided that instead of auto-updating Shoko, a prompt would be displayed alerting the user that a new version of Shoko is available.

Simply download the latest version and install it over the current version, your settings, files and collection will not be touched.

this is something that’s being looked into but at this time Shoko does not support streaming anime from websites like crunchy roll.

Yes it does!

As of version 3.6, users can now stream their anime collection to any Shoko supported program. while the majority of the work is done for you,there are a few things you'll need to do in order to start streaming. first make sure you are using one of the fully support video players which you can check in settings > video players and make sure ports 8111 and8112 are forwarded.

No, Shoko does not provide a way for the user to download anime anymore.

While originally supported, this feature was removed to distance the Shoko team from any sort of legal actions for providing a method to download anime.

While we currently do not offer a solution to backup your database whenever you'd like, we do automatically backup your database before updating Shoko to the latest version and depending on your database type, you'll find your backup in one of two locations. the exact location for sql server will change depending on what version of sql server you are running.

Database Type Backup Location
SQLITE Shoko Server Install Directory\databasebackup
MYSQL Shoko Server Install Directory\databasebackup
Sql Server C:\program Files\microsoft Sql Server\mssql10.mssqlserver\mssql\backup

If you are unsure what version of Shoko you are running, in Shoko server / Shoko desktop click the about button to open the about Shoko window and take a look at the version number. using the table below, compare your version number to the examples provided, if you are still unsure then join us on discord and we'll help you figure it out.

Version Example Description If the fourth digit is below 100, then you are running a stable build. If the fourth digit is above 1000, then you are running a daily build. If the fourth digit is above 900, then you are running a beta build.

Shoko Server

Some users have reported being unable to start Shoko Server after a fresh install, usually the issue is related to user permissions in ProgramData/ShokoServerand issues with the urlacl not being added properly. We've created a .BAT file that should resolve these issues, all you need to do is download the file linked below and run it once. For those who are hesitant to run the file, simply open it up in notepad to view the contents.

If you are still having issues after running the .BAT file, please join our Discord server so we can provided additional assistance.

There are a number of reasons why you're files are not being imported. first, double-check your import folder settings and make sure you’ve selected the correct options that reflects your setup. if everything looks correct and running run import still fails to properly import your files then what's likely happening is one of two things. the files have been imported but the crc32 value does not match any files on AniDB or there were errors during the hashing process and Shoko server was unable to get the hash and compare it.

Using Shoko desktop, navigate to utilities > unrecognized files and if your files are showing up there, you can manually link them to the correct episode. if Shoko server was unable to get the hash, make sure no other program is accessing the files in question and try again by clicking run import.

We currently support the following cloud hosts and while we cannot guarantee we'll add your cloud host, if it's not listed below you can always request support for it by creating an issue on github.

  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Google Drive
  • One Drive

At this time, you are unable to mix and match different providers.

Each provider is treated as it's own set which means its not possible to use a drop source from your local provider with a drop destination from a cloud provider.

While this might seem odd, this is the intended behavior and is not a bug.

If you change your drop destination, only newly imported series will use it, any series that already exists in your collection will use the old drop destination. this is done to prevent your series files from being scattered in multiple places.

If you want an existing series to use the new drop destination, you'll need to delete the series from your collection and then re-import the series.

Shoko Desktop

Groups allow you to organize and visually stack multiple series, movies, and ova's into one single viewable entry in your collection regardless of where and how the files in that group are organized.

A majority of anime have at least one type of related item such as an ova, movie or sequel. using a group allows the main item and it's related items to be grouped together into one listing reducing multiple entries for the same series. if enabled, Shoko can do all this automatically for you by pulling all related series information from AniDB and creating groups for any anime series and it's related items. you're also able to specify which types of relations you'd like excluded from auto-grouping allowing you to further fine-tune your collection.

As previously mentioned, Shoko scrapes your files and uses AniDB to compare and download your collection’s data. however while AniDB is one of the best information repositories when it comes to anime, it’s doesn’t deal with images or episode summaries. to get the missing data, the episode summaries, images, fanart, posters and banners for the series in your collection, other sites such as TvDB, TMDb are used. Shoko is capable of automatically linking the series in your collection with what it thinks is it’s counterpart on the various community sites. however this is not perfect as Shoko does a simple search comparing only the series name leading to wrong incorrect or different versions getting linked together. so if a series has a community recommendation link then that means a user like yourself submitted a link, it was approved by an admin for others to use and is the correct link for the series in question. some series such as one piece for example will have a long list of community recommendations, this does not mean you get to select one but rather there have been multiple links submitted and approved for the series to fix discrepancies between AniDB and TvDB allowing your collection to be accurate and complete.

Something to keep in mind while maintaining your collection is that community recommendations do not automatically update on the end user. this means that if a link is made after you’ve selected the community recommendation, future links added regardless of the link itself will not show up in your collection. to make it consistently checking and automatically updating your data would make this a resource intense task and slow any program or plugin using Shoko server. instead if you go to the community data section under the utilities tab in Shoko desktop you’ll be able to search your collection and display any incorrect links allowing you to manually fix them. for more information on the community data section check out the utilities page.

In addition, those with a linked My Anime List or Trakt TV account will see links for those series as well and can also submit links if there is no default one. However those who do not have a linked account will not see be able to see these links nor will they be able to add and submit them.

Shoko will automatically stream your files during playback if the local path for the import folder is incorrect.

Navigate to the Server Tab, double-click on one of your import folders and add the local path to the folder. The local path is the path to that folder from the computer desktop is on. For best results do not used mapped network drives but the actual network path.

Shoko Desktop - Add Import Folder
Shoko Desktop - Add Import Folder

Shoko on Plex

There are a number of reason you might be receiving this error message, we've outlined some of the most common reasons below.

Shoko Server Is Unreachable

If your accessing Shoko Server over your network or the internet you need to make sure you've opened the ports Shoko Server uses which are 8111 and 8112.

Your Plex Username Has A Space In It

If your Plex username has a pace in it, you'll not be able to load the channel, instead remove any spaces, reload Plex and try again.

Anime Buddy

You bet it can!

However there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind when remotely connecting to Shoko Server. First, all metadata and images will temporarily download for any series being displayed in Anime Buddy. Download speeds will depend entirely on your connections download speed and the upload speed of the connection Shoko Server is using. You can still view your entire collection even if it’s associated metadata and images have not been downloaded yet, you’ll just see a placeholder for it until it’s been downloaded.

Our Anime Buddy Setup page covers everything you need to know.

When attempting to connect to Shoko Server, you may receive an error message that’s similar to the following:

Shoko Server is not responding..

This is a generic error message that is called when Anime Buddy times out when attempting to connect to Shoko Server.

Here’s are the most likely reasons:

  • Check to make sure Shoko Server is running.
  • Check to make sure Shoko Server has been configured correctly and the settings in Anime Buddy match.
  • If every thing’s configured correctly and you’re trying to access Shoko Server on the same machine it’s most likely a loopback issue.

In regards to #3, this is a common issue where Windows Store Apps are forbidden from sending network traffic to the local machine. You can over-ride this (and get a full explanation) from the following page:

Windows 8 Apps - Enable Loopback Network Isolation

Simply install the loopback utility and add Anime Buddy as an exemption and retry connecting to Shoko Server.

Anime Buddy does not stream your files, instead it downloads a copy of the file and then plays it back. Depending on your connection and the filesize, this could take some time.

Anime Buddy will load the file using the default Windows video player so make sure it can support the file you are trying to playback. If you are running Windows RT, you can only play videos which are supported by Windows Store Apps. At the time of writing the Video App only supports playback of AVI and XVID files.