Version 3.9.5

July 21, 2019

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TypeGit LinkDescription
Added9a814efAPI - Added support for marking episode as watched based on file.
Changed939b132Download new anime data first
Changedd3dd599Add logging for HTTP Ban and a warning for when a ban or no data occurred during anime data update.
Changed77345c3Give the error when File cannot be accessed
Changed9a814efSpeed up empty dir removal
Changed3d2b3ffUpdate plex webhook with better parsing, not being dependant on the title.
Changedffab945Make webui serve index.html on unknown urls.
Changed08b624cDownload new AVDump
Changedd391430Speed up deletion of files in batches.
Changedc911453Migrated to ASP.NET Core from Nancy.
Fixed#770AniDB Mylist watched status reset after re-importing files.
Fixed#783/Stream/ endpoint is broken.
Fixed#786/api/file/offset broken.
Fixed#787/Stream/ byterange is broken.
Fixed2fdecd1Fix a code error in plexhelper.
Fixed59b8fb0Fix small logic error on file renaming.
Fixed45e6013Fix initial population of Group Filters
Fixed38e9040Fix Initial User Creation when password is specified
Fixed503a1e6Fix HTTP logging on release versions.
Fixed749API - Fix Images for AniDB Posters.
Fixedf434328API - Fix Search by filename in Unrecognized Utility for Desktop
Fixed075a552fix GetEpisodesRecentlyAddedSummary to return the defined number of shows with recently added episodes.
Fixedacd9ab8Fix a stack overflow when changing an import folder via API.
Fixede1e26a9Fix Import Folder Saving and Properly Refactor Out the Logic
Fixed3e09714Fix GetFilesByGroupAndResolution by URL Decoding the Release Group and properly handling raw-Files.
Fixed4d13f82Properly handle manually linked files while deleting a release.
Fixed0399805Fix log location and setting settings from Desktop.
Fixed508e56eFix linking 1 file to x episodes.
Changedd63ff7dFix Recently Added Series.

Version 3.9.4

December 31, 2018

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TypeGit LinkDescription
Added0a05d26Add basic Analytics API.
Changed97e8f30Handle File in Use better for systems without locking (due to filesystems or scripts).
Changed462be92Improve Permission Checking for drop folders
Changedb794153Improvements to first time setup process
Changed6508772Properly get ALL updated anime when too many have updated
Fixedc5c9140Fix MovieDB image getting
Fixed5d5d89dFix Plex Linking
Fixeda9d2201Fix an error with Year calculation in some cases
Fixed23e0a08Fix rare issues preventing startup

Version 3.9.3

August 20, 2018

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TypeGit LinkDescription
Changed#749Error with creating ssl/tls secure channel.
Changed7712cfcSort File for episodes by File Quality Preferences in Desktop.
Fixede5ff342Fix Adding Files to MyList with Manually Linked Files.
Fixed99f2301Hopefully fix rare error with Downloading Release Group Status.
Fixed1e65dc9Delete Episode and Override Links when Deleting TvDB Links.
Fixed1dd08edFix some logic errors and state when adding Manually Linked files.

Version 3.9.2

August 2, 2018

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TypeGit LinkDescription
Changedf0a1f55Redo Search in API to Return More Useful Results

Version 3.9.1

July 30, 2018

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TypeGit LinkDescription
Changed#742CommandRequest query optimisations.
Changed#747Fixed ban timer, ban time now extends on subsequent bans.
Changed4e9122cRevert mono to 5.4 to resolve problems with web-api connections/commands.
Changed74c571cAdditional work on the new TVDB linking system.
Changede6a8395Hide Setup tab and make the Settings tab the default tab.
Changed3eae469Delete and Recreate All Tag Filters on Recreate All Groups.
Fixedca96722When MyList ID is missing add file first then update the state.
Fixed3511693Automatically create and initialize SQLite DB on first run.
Fixed8e15ab4Fix an issue when attempting to link your Plex account.
Fixed6118075Null Check some things in File Quality Filter.
Fixed691f6b5Add a flag to AddFileToMyList, so we can skip reading.
Fixed8e15ab4Parse MyList ID from adding files.
Fixed9753cf1When adding files to MyList, send the watched state if we have one.
Fixed9d73fd8Fix an erorr when attempting to manually link a series.
Fixedb93bde2Fix an issue when attempting to access a file that's already in use.