Shoko Changelog

The changelog is broken down by program, use the menu on the left to select the program followed by the version number.

A complete history can be found in the Archived Changelog.

Shoko Server

Type Git Link Description
Added 0a05d26 Add basic Analytics API.
Changed 97e8f30 Handle File in Use better for systems without locking (due to filesystems or scripts).
Changed 462be92 Improve Permission Checking for drop folders
Changed b794153 Improvements to first time setup process
Changed 6508772 Properly get ALL updated anime when too many have updated
Fixed c5c9140 Fix MovieDB image getting
Fixed 5d5d89d Fix Plex Linking
Fixed a9d2201 Fix an error with Year calculation in some cases
Fixed 23e0a08 Fix rare issues preventing startup
Type Git Link Description
Changed #749 Error with creating ssl/tls secure channel.
Changed 7712cfc Sort File for episodes by File Quality Preferences in Desktop.
Fixed e5ff342 Fix Adding Files to MyList with Manually Linked Files.
Fixed 99f2301 Hopefully fix rare error with Downloading Release Group Status.
Fixed 1e65dc9 Delete Episode and Override Links when Deleting TvDB Links.
Fixed 1dd08ed Fix some logic errors and state when adding Manually Linked files.
Type Git Link Description
Changed f0a1f55 Redo Search in API to Return More Useful Results
Type Git Link Description
Changed #742 CommandRequest query optimisations.
Changed #747 Fixed ban timer, ban time now extends on subsequent bans.
Changed 4e9122c Revert mono to 5.4 to resolve problems with web-api connections/commands.
Changed 74c571c Additional work on the new TVDB linking system.
Changed e6a8395 Hide Setup tab and make the Settings tab the default tab.
Changed 3eae469 Delete and Recreate All Tag Filters on Recreate All Groups.
Fixed ca96722 When MyList ID is missing add file first then update the state.
Fixed 3511693 Automatically create and initialize SQLite DB on first run.
Fixed 8e15ab4 Fix an issue when attempting to link your Plex account.
Fixed 6118075 Null Check some things in File Quality Filter.
Fixed 691f6b5 Add a flag to AddFileToMyList, so we can skip reading.
Fixed 8e15ab4 Parse MyList ID from adding files.
Fixed 9753cf1 When adding files to MyList, send the watched state if we have one.
Fixed 9d73fd8 Fix an erorr when attempting to manually link a series.
Fixed b93bde2 Fix an issue when attempting to access a file that's already in use.
Type Git Link Description
Added #312 Add Storage state "remote storage" to AniDB storage state list. Added Environment variable configuration on first run.
Added 97bde94 Added Environment variable configuration on first run.
Changed 11f2595 Seperate AniDB ban types to be both HTTP and UDP instead of a signular ban.
Changed 1eb0489 Additional improvements to AniDB Image rate limting.
Changed bde8518 General improvements made to the AniDB MyList updating process.
Changed 985a1f4 Shoko will now ignore the Recycle Bin when scanning import folders.
Changed f73c368 Improve Year filter logic.
Changed 7447f56 Use environment for program data location allowing for non-standard setups to work better.
Changed cf38bac changed logging during startup.
Changed 3c94a2f Move Docker install to be able to launch as non-root user.
Changed 7c883e2 Completely rework the plex workflow so that authentication and updating is a lot nicer.
Changed aa94979 Redid TvDB Linking system and made major improvements to TVDB system.
Changed 64fbaf9 Use Mono 5.12 on docker.
Fixed #312 Allow "Unknown" storage state in AniDB.
Fixed #700 Fixed an issue with pre-populated usernames causing issues when switching languages in Shoko and creating a new database.
Fixed #708 Fixed an issue where Cloud Accounts could not be added or managed.
Fixed #719 Fixed an issues when attempting to update AniDB MyList.
Fixed #722 Fixed an issues with Renamer failing to move all files.
Fixed #730 Fix updating watch status on AniDB MyList.
Fixed 21d5e72 Fixed an issue where user added series community links were removed when adding additonal ones.
Fixed b6a5303 Fixed an issue where episode data was not being changed for currently airing series.
Fixed 31e2046 Prevent clearing command queues freezing the UI.
Fixed 985a1f4 Ignore Recycle Bin during import scanning.
Fixed 97a8470 Fix various issues when using OneDrive as a provider.
Fixed 9e47308 Support new trakt authentication.
Fixed 6debd77 Fix an issue when qutoes are used or present during file renaming.
Removed 14a38d0 Removed MAL access and syncing.

Shoko Desktop

Type Git Link Description
Changed 939e044 Unrecognized Utility - Show AniDB's AnimeID next to each Series listed in the ListBox
Changed 939e044 Unrecognized Utility - Search for AniDB's AnimeID.
Changed 9362ddf Make AVDump not require mapped folders.
Changed 71c33d1 Allow the user to select preferred MPC client.
Fixed 498fbab Fix Searching in Desktop.
Type Git Link Description
Changed dcedd1f Default to Full Series View, not Metro.
Type Git Link Description
Fixed d3eec15 Fix an issue when searching using more than three letters.
Type Git Link Description
Changed 042d832 Increase default image sizes on Dashboard & fix Missing Eps Padding.
Changed fab24ac Make plex section display something more, useful when unlinked.
Fixed #586 Invalid URI when deleting files on Windows Share.
Type Git Link Description
Changed 4573763 Add additional logging for unrecognized files.
Changed 4573763 Add additional logging for recognized files.
Changed 4d58eb7 Removed unnecessary rereshing from unrecognized series.
Changed 4d58eb7 Update Plex settings and add a refresh button as an async call.
Changed 095b275 Update Shoko Server "unable to connect" message a little more verbose.
Changed a960eaf changed Trakt auth UI.
Changed 69e9fa0 changed TvDB linking system and UI.
Fixed 62ec780 Fix validation logic when updating TvDB links.
Fixed 33ed62a Fix an issue with the AVDump utility when selecting multiple files.
Fixed a2a0b0b Fix Horizontal Scrolling on Dashboard.
Fixed 0543df8 General fixes to import folder system.
Removed be497ff Removed MAL access and syncing.

My Anime 3

Type Git Link Description
Added 3e53ace Added Last Air Date to Series & Groups.
Added 642599b Added support for Ares skin.
Changed ebb05fe Optimize the number of parallel task.
Fixed #68 Fix multiple issues when displaying star ratings.
Fixed #69 After watching an episode, the episode overview remains empty.
Fixed #70 Unable to set all episodes to "Unwatched" while in Episode list.
Fixed 3e53ace Fixed Unrecognized Files Order.
Fixed 3e53ace Fixed Worker Exception erorr when Banner & Filmstrip viewing mode.
Removed a7a91c8 Removed MAL.


Type Git Link Description
Fixed cd8588f Corrected import folder listing in config form.
Fixed 6c407e1 Fixed incorrect sorting.
Fixed 753a319 Fixed an issue with default group order when default group order is null.
Fixed 7f7af3a Fixed an issue with fanarts not displaying correctly.
Removed 4b672f1 Removed Download UI.


Type Git Link Description
Added e86d7ab Can now rate series manually from episode or series context menu.
Added 9437ab5 Added log out option under switch user menu.
Changed ef85038 Added better approach to home navigation with custom parameters for expansion later (based on IR-Server-Suite).
Fixed 11f8c11 fixed error handling for command actions (buttons / keys).
Fixed e86d7ab Fixed rating of series for all included skins.
Removed c6aad4f Home button navigation fixed and improved (see new setting in configuration).
Type Git Link Description
Changed 09dc987 Additional improvements to Home screen navigation.
Changed 609d01b Small tweaks for filtering.
Fixed 4aa803c Fixed setting saving for HomeButtonNavigation.
Fixed 8fd5305 Fixed settings reading of basic home setting.

Shoko On Plex

Type Git Link Description
Changed f27d46f Update Shoko on Plex to once again work with Shoko version 3.8.
Type Git Link Description
Changed 35e7a78 Update Shoko On Plex to work with Shoko Server version 3.8.
Type Git Link Description
Fixed #26 My Anime channel in Plex android app mobile mode crashes at launch.
Fixed #30 Show Episode Number Next To Episode Name.
Fixed 9703bb9 Fixed includeBandwidths throwing errors.