Shoko Changelog

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Shoko Server

Version 3.8.2 (In Development)

Action Git Link Description
Added - #654 - Merge Linux branch into Master branch.
Added - #684 - Added support for WebUI First Run wizard.
Updated - 065c84c - Better handling of FileNotFoundExceptions when deleting files.
Updated - ea3b277 - Update hasher, adding x64 versions of MD5, MD4 and SHA1.
Updated - d67c4e7 - Properly use old method of TvDB matching for specials.
Updated - bff048a - Improvements made to the AniDB Login Popup making it less annoying.
Updated - 14818f2 - Cleanup and Separate TvDB commands.
Updated - 697b7f7 - Better TvDB handling when updating a series.
Updated - db75219 - Docker now ships with latest version of WebUI.
Updated - 6b5247b - Add progress to DBRegen for CrossRef_Anime_Staff and AnimeCharacter during database updating.
Fixed - #692 - Unable to fully sync to Trakt .
Fixed - daf1f10 - Fixed an issue with incorrect command queue states.
Fixed - bd860e6 - Remove empty directories when deleting a file.
Fixed - 5962a82 - Cleanup and fix Plex thumbs.
Fixed - e35bae8 - Fix error in GetGroupVideoQuality.
Fixed - 41a6056 - Fix an issue in CreateSeriesForAnime when user attempts to create a new series.
Fixed - ffe408d - Fixed an issue with the General Queue not receiving all commands.
Fixed - 24e2884 - Fixed an issue with Tag Filtering not working properly.
Fixed - 4f9bb52 - Fixed an issue when attempting to load an updated MyList.
Fixed - 4f9bb52 - Fixed Delete All function in Desktop File Summaries.
Fixed - 89df888 - Fixed an issue where the Delete All function did not work with some groups.
Fixed - a64cd6b - Fixed an issue where episodes did not update properly with latest AniDB info.
Removed - 81eb98e - Remove the "Login Failed!" message box.

Version 3.8.1 (2017-10-01)

Action Git Link Description
Added - #675 - Add RescanUnlinkedFiles to API.
Added - #687 - Limit AniDB image download rate.
Updated - 749942b - Improve AniDB-TvDB series matching by auto-linking series if air-date is a match.
Updated - 7fe4e19 - Remove and Recreate permission inheritance in installer.
Updated - d5e2dee - Show user an error when AVDump fails.
Updated - aa62a7f - Log instances where Shoko was unable to create AniDB_Anime.
Updated - 147e6a6 - Better logging when importing fails.
Updated - 6d3ef65 - Better logging when AniDB does not return a valid date on watched items.
Updated - f263fb4 - Better handling of Duplicate Files.
Fixed - #558 - Error when rescanning all unknown items .
Fixed - #668 - Fix AniDB login window generating two stacked instances or hiding behind main window.
Fixed - #671 - Fix Duplicate entry for key UIX_CrossRef_File_Episode_Hash_Episode.
Fixed - #672 - Fix EpisodeName null value error for Shoko.Models.Server.TvDB_Episode.
Fixed - #677 - Fix System.NullReferenceException in TVDBHelper.GetEpisodes.
Fixed - #679 - Invalid Duplicate records when renaming.
Fixed - be9031e - Fix command queues crashing when attempting to pause large queues.
Fixed - f27aeef - Fix MediaInfoLib and UNC path issue.
Fixed - 999a300 - Fix rare instance of TvDB linking failing to add when manually linking a series.
Fixed - ec177b8 - Fix an issue where group filter conditions could not be deleted.
Fixed - e2bc8a2 - Fix an issue with loading series via Shoko on Plex.
Fixed - 5900880 - Improve startup and fix Group Filters' creation on fresh DB.
Fixed - 32f10a5 - Fixed AniDB storage state updating.

Version (2017-09-03)

Action Git Link Description
Added - #545 - Option to delete lower quality releases on import of new release.
Added - #605 - Plex webhooks to sync watch states across both servers.
Added - #631 - Give out all images in api.
Added - #638 - Right-click to open webui in windows taskbar.
Added - #649 - API Endpoint for Update Images Action.
Added - 3762235 - Plex webhook completion including V1 implementation.
Added - a1f7ad5 - Add support for chapter detection.
Added - 379a084 - Add some quote checking for file moving.
Added - a3d715f - Add support for day of the week airing (Uses TvDB data) and episode rating from TvDB.
Updated - #111 - Stop file from being "hashed" when it is moved from the drop folder to the destination folder.
Updated - #247 - If the hasher is aborted due to file access timeout, don't add it to the database.
Updated - #602 - Anidb http do not cache banned response.
Updated - #615 - Switch To TVDB APIV2.
Updated - #635 - Check for blocked DLL files.
Updated - #639 - Implement fail-safe for when files are added with no series/episode info.
Updated - dc69c54 - Move All Network Serving to Nancy.
Updated - 197fb64 - Change processfile log level to trace.
Updated - b5195df - Improve some series finding logic for groups.
Updated - 14f6266 - Updated MediaInfo to
Updated - 87c5d1a - Clean up log spamming on start up and importing.
Updated - 6dee39e - Cleanup and better handling of corrupt records and migration in import.
Updated - d2a23a9 - Improve Trakt Linking from TvDB.
Updated - cec7d4c - Make the Link File Command work better with multiple files.
Updated - 790ec9f - Refactor the WPF UI/UX into it's own project.
Updated - 9863796 - Improve Speed of retrieving multiple files.
Updated - e22f5bd - Make the File Details obey the new quality preferences.
Updated - 90c8c65 - Improve Auto Link Logic, add setting to disable auto linking.
Updated - 47d746a - Pause the hasher queue when 'syncing hashes' is running.
Updated - e4d6ed4 - Refactor out the rest of the server side queue states to commons.
Updated - 9d8d543 - Better handling of deletion for duplicate files.
Updated - cc3e471 - Pause the hasher when running an integrity check.
Updated - 2be6e1b - Proper setting up config via API.
Updated - fefac34 - Make filename show in queue state for File Info.
Updated - 55e668b - Improve Group Filter Saving and Loading.
Updated - 2619fdd - Remap Duplicate Files on rename.
Updated - ad1d25a - Auto retry and reauth on unauthorized for TvDB.
Updated - a3087c1 - Add a warning when no TvDB results are found for a series.
Updated - 6c22fa0 - Move TvDB xrefs and images to cache.
Updated - 877bd8d - Never decrease MAL watched episode count if user has set that in settings.
Updated - ef901d1 - Give VideoLocal DbRegen proper progress.
Updated - 55e1e1a - Improve AVDump auto downloading.
Updated - 184c6dd - Move AVDump to Server and Auto-download.
Updated - 1f1df98 - Properly save AniDB things with " ' " instead of " ` ".
Updated - b33f338 - Remove Trakt Images and validate MovieDB images.
Updated - aa5f057 - Make plex sync more obvious in the case where it doesn't do anything it warns the user.
Updated - b60e5e1 - Add more error handling to file serving.
Updated - 6036de7 - Don't use cached plex contracts.
Fixed - #445 - Series selection for renaming adds some files twice #445.
Fixed - #558 - SQLite error, if server is killed while creating the database.
Fixed - #586 - Delay no longer counted as part of rate limit.
Fixed - #589 - Large files won't stream without chunked encoding.
Fixed - #593 - TvDB link doesn't work in a corner case.
Fixed - #594 - Faulty or incomplete links being pulled from webcache.
Fixed - #601 - Hasher Long filename fix.
Fixed - #618 - Detect empty setting pushed through API.
Fixed - #634 - Ability to update file states.
Fixed - #648 - API returns image links with hardcoded port.
Fixed - 0aacabf - Fix MySQL throwing a duplicate column error due to a typo in my plex setup.
Fixed - 0b6591b - Fixed TvDBSeries deserializing as TvDBEpisode.
Fixed - 9c6e8d7 - Prevent AnimeGroupID with Value 0 from being used.
Fixed - 56e2a2b - Fix nancy causing shoko not to start on subsiquent startups.
Fixed - 304ea75 - Fix copy error.
Fixed - 97a3cd7 - Fix another copy error.
Fixed - f01ca66 - Fix query in getLastSeason for TvDB.
Fixed - 715db17 - Fix for SolutionDir having a space in it.
Fixed - 432862f - Improve Setting sanity checking. Fix an inverted logic.
Fixed - 6bba640 - Fix TvDB linking for R-18.
Fixed - 13b8d4e - Fix colliding references with EnumerableExtensions.
Fixed - 49c76d3 - Fix an error in the renamer.
Fixed - 4eb6f64 - Fix File Rename Utility and Import Folder Icons.
Fixed - c9450f8 - Stop server from autostarting with SQLite on first run.
Fixed - d704a21 - Fix File Details throwing an error. Fix Remove Missing File.
Fixed - 2cfc685 - Fix SQL statements for MySQL and SQLite.
Fixed - 12d5099 - Server setting can be null.
Fixed - 7420786 - Fix a bunch of edge cases with importing duplicate files.
Fixed - 952f98e - Fix MediaInfo, fix API giving 404 messages and reduce TvDBApi Log spam.
Fixed - eaf3a41 - Fix a few bugs with TvDB linking and updating.
Fixed - 39dd7db - Fix TvDB link messages.
Fixed - 30c912b - Fix startup caching. Clean up. Throw exceptions to actually halt startup.
Fixed - 6a0b114 - Fix episode contracts not updating when linking TvDB series.
Fixed - e29308c - Fix clearing the command queue while paused locking up everything.
Fixed - 1b7551e - Fix a logic error in image downloading.
Removed - dc69c54 - Remove WCF.
Removed - 70efdcf - Remove 32 bit preference for Shoko.UI.

Version (2017-02-10)

Action Git Link Description
Fixed - 7238593 - Fix bitmap index out of range.

Version (2017-02-07)

Action Git Link Description
Updated - f9515b5 - Add catching to parts in RegenerateDB so that the server can at least start.
Updated - 4e26811 - Update "GetByFilename" to refer to VideoLocalPlace.
Updated - a30f6c6 - Apply DatabaseFixes.FixEmptyVideoInfos to SQL server and SQLite.
Fixed - #529 - Renamer intermittently removes extension.
Fixed - 815a7c1 - Fix System.ArgumentNullException in UpdateStatsByAnimeID.
Fixed - 520a758 - Anidb http rate limit fix.

Shoko Desktop

Version 3.8.2 (In Development)

Action Git Link Description
Added - 139ba70 - Add timeout to AVDump.
Updated - 051e18b - Give a reason when the client can't connect to server.
Updated - 525914f - If the TvDB Episode Overview is not available, use the AniDB Episode Overview if available.
Fixed - 4804cea - Fixed an issue with TvDB Linking.
Fixed - 0699226 - Fixed an issue where Ignored Anime labels were not being ignored.
Fixed - a05b060 - Fixed an error in TvDB linking form.
Fixed - 5ee7695 - Fixed an issue where the Series MAL buttons did not work.
Fixed - 525914f - Fixed an issue where TvDB information was not updated properly.

Version 3.8.1 (2017-10-01)

Action Git Link Description
Added - 500fe9e - Add proper logging throughout Desktop.
Updated - #560 - Only show a single date if Start and End date are the same.
Updated - 1c6eb1b - Update installer with permissions setup.
Updated - 564301a - Make sure "image loading error" placeholder image is shown throughout Desktop.
Fixed - 2ed34ca - Fix issue when resuming playlist playback.
Fixed - 47fee9c - Fix issue with original or older filenames being shown in Desktop if a file has been renamed.
Fixed - 7042172 - Fix issue with deleting group filter conditions.
Fixed - 849049b - Fix various memory leaks in desktop.

Version (2017-09-03)

Action Git Link Description
Added - #508 - New File Rename Option, Recently Added.
Added - #547 - Add information about Plex pin.
Added - 27d9b09 - Add plex sync settings to Shoko Desktop.
Added - 37bdf48 - Added New Internal MPV player.
Added - 46302b3 - Add plex UI interaction for the plex syncing added into Shoko Server.
Added - 46302b3 - Add Settings for Multiple Files - Auto Deletion.
Added - c1afe52 - Add flags for chaptered files.
Added - 231a0fa - Make a proper delete file window for Multiple Files.
Added - 93b68d0 - Nep Nep the corrupted images!.
Updated - 3a26bcc - Add natural sorting to some utilities.
Updated - 0d321e5 - Support Dual and Multi Audio in Multiple Files Utility.
Updated - 84cbfb4 - Make Manually Linked Files Sorted Naturally.
Updated - 5c1cf54 - Use a FlexibleMessageBox for all MessageBoxes.
Updated - 2d68707 - Show local and remote file location in utilities.
Updated - 5fc5e7a - Cleanup and Fix Default Sorting of GroupFilters without sorting.
Updated - b39a90b - Improve File Quality Preferences.
Updated - 106fe79 - Remove Downloads tab and move contents to utilities.
Updated - f21e7a9 - Improvements to the Recommended To Watch Dashboard.
Updated - cccd2ee - Update Link strings.
Updated - e3c0be8 - Update form now has proper version comparison and will only report update available if version found online is higher.
Updated - f21e7a9 - Improvements to the Recommended To Watch Dashboard.
Updated - 881ea1c - Make filtering on titles obey languages better.
Updated - cb9c343 - Make background series searching more aesthetically smooth.
Updated - b92fb5e - Make background series searching handling locking and tasks a bit better..
Updated - e136936 - Move AVDump to Server.
Fixed - #387 - Memory issues.
Fixed - #520 - Multiple Files tab wont load on enter.
Fixed - #544 - AVDump giving an error trying to open clipboard.
Fixed - #545 - Error with internal MPV could not load file assembly.
Fixed - b29ff06 - Fix up AVDump throwing errors.
Fixed - daeae0a - Add proper binding for plex sections also handling null values better.
Fixed - 314e240 - Fixed Null Pointer exception in AddNewSeries.
Fixed - 71dcef6 - Fixed desktop freeze infinite loop.
Fixed - 02ef77d - Fixed Resume on internal player.
Fixed - 1289baf - Fix UpdateAnime throwing an UnsupportedOperationException due to threading.
Fixed - 44f2c81 - Set cursor back to Arrow if Recreate All Groups fails.
Fixed - 65ca0f4 - Fix Duplicate File Control, amongst other LongPath errors.
Fixed - 6d618ca - Updated Language Strings, Fixed UI Issues.
Fixed - b612273 - Make the Delete Files with Preferences more reliable.
Fixed - b612273 - Make the Delete Files with Preferences more reliable.
Fixed - b01c1f3 - Speed up, clean up, Fix some bugs, fix group filter saving, editing, and deleting.
Fixed - 125b145 - Fix unrecognized files' delete dialog text.
Fixed - 29ef65c - Fix ShokoMetadata Plex Header and add Info section for it.
Fixed - 01c8a67 - Fix switching items when loading utility series matching in the background.
Fixed - 24822b3 - Fixed next episode name in series view.
Fixed - d8966ef - Cleanup and fix memory leak.
Removed - 6e0088e - Fix Tag and Year Sorting.
Removed - fa6d9b3 - Remove the Auto Link Buttons for Community Links.
Removed - 0d50939 - Remove Downloads.
Removed - 044f0a9 - Remove Trakt Image Support.

Version (2017-01-28)

Action Git Link Description
Fixed - 95cab4e - Add missing queue states.
Fixed - beca600 - Always check new version.

Version (2017-01-07)

Action Git Link Description
Added - c039c8d - Added new permissions check for programdata directory on startup.
Updated - 8d45063 - Renamed JMM Player to Shoko Player.
Fixed - #503 - Switching Tabs Too Fast Crashes Desktop
Fixed - #506 - Image path setting missing locale string.
Fixed - cb9c17c - Additional null reference error handling.

My Anime 3

Version (In Development)

Action Git Link Description
Removed - 4b672f1 - Removed Download UI.

Version (2017-01-07)

Action Git Link Description
Added - e86d7ab - Can now rate series manually from episode or series context menu.
Added - 9437ab5 - Added log out option under switch user menu.
Updated - ef85038 - Added better approach to home navigation with custom parameters for expansion later (based on IR-Server-Suite).
Fixed - 11f8c11 - Improved error handling for command actions (buttons / keys).
Fixed - c6aad4f - Home button navigation fixed and improved (see new setting in configuration).
Fixed - e86d7ab - Fixed rating of series for all included skins.

Version (2016-12-29)

Action Git Link Description
Updated - ef85038 - Added better approach to home navigation with custom parameters for expansion later (based on IR-Server-Suite).
Updated - 09dc987 - Additional improvements to Home screen navigation.
Updated - 609d01b - Small tweaks for filtering.
Fixed - 4aa803c - Fixed setting saving for HomeButtonNavigation.
Fixed - 8fd5305 - Fixed settings reading of basic home setting.

Version (2016-12-26)

Action Git Link Description
Added - #53 - New skin (Avallanche) added.
Added - #55 - Added new "Filters" option to left or right side menu depending on skin and moved Watched / local file display toggle from "Options" menu to it.
Added - 13f90ec - Cloud Support.
Added - de7e545 - Added Mode and Start text keys for searching / filtering configurable via MA3 configuration window.
Added - ef2b127 - Additional check to make sure user can\\'t set duplicate keys.
Added - 9f4240d - Added yes/no dialog before starting streaming playback.
Added - 243ce7e - Added delay stopwatch for KeyCommandHandler.
Added - 5947a46 - Added support for Trakt scrobbling.
Updated - #53 - Avalon skin corrections and alignment for series / episode info changed.
Updated - #53 - Increased series plot to 4 rows for episode view in StreamedMP skin.
Updated - #55 - Series / group context menu items reduced and moved others to "Advanced options" in separate sub menu.
Updated - #55 - Cleaned up naming and made it overall more consistent with other plugins like MP-TVseries.
Updated - c2d103c - Increased series plot to 4 rows for episode view in StreamedMP skin.
Updated - 19901a5 - Series / group context menu items reduced and moved others to "Advanced options" in separate sub menu.
Updated - 9201ff5 - Update MPEI installer to remove obsolete MA3 files (.pdb / FFDShowAPI.dll).
Updated - 967b64e - Made home button action configure-able in settings.
Fixed - #52 - Thumbnail custom path change and fix for certain view cases.
Fixed - #53 - Updated project post script so that it no longer overwrites local plugin files / skin files making it easier to test MPEI installer.
Fixed - #60 - Not consistently using proper series / group title.
Fixed - #61 - Calender Does Not Go Past October 15th.
Fixed - #62 - Characters Do Not Show.
Fixed - #63 - Not All Relations Are Shown and String Issue.
Fixed - #64 - Seiyuu Does Not Show.
Fixed - #65 - Series Info Window Not Populating Correctly.
Fixed - de7e545 - Fixed displaying of anime series info and images (fanart / poster) via context menu.
Fixed - 7bbc30c - Fix FFDShowSettings no detection on web streams.
Fixed - 31fba87 - Fixed context menu commands "Mark all previous as Watch / Unwatched".
Fixed - 36e56af - Fixed local thumbnail loading.
Fixed - 4e96fde - Fixed inconsistency in group name list display and sorting for groups with single series (non-grouped ones).
Fixed - 4f5e844 - Fixed Streaming not playing bug.
Removed - #53 - Removed obsolete skins from project post script.
Removed - #54 - Removed all duplicated nodes from StreamedMP skin files.
Removed - 13f90ec - Enable/Disable Streaming Option Removed.
Removed - 686af0e - Removed excess Titan (Extended) images and plugin debug files (.pdb).
Removed - c948253 - Removed single group series name setting to avoid inconsistent naming.

Version (2016-09-09)

Action Git Link Description
Added - b86ee91 - Added 2 new mapped remote keys (RED = toggle mode / BLUE = toggle start word).
Updated - #11 - Allow turning off of keyboard hook when entering Anime3_Main (MA3) as an option.
Updated - b86ee91 - Keyboard hook replaced with native Mediaportal method.
Updated - e1e2890 - MPEI installer now overrides plugin files always in case of incorrect local file dates.
Fixed - #30 - “Continue Watching” from “Menu” gone in My Anime 3 – 3.6.
Fixed - #23 - Going back pages to quickly in MA3 will crash Media Portal.
Fixed - #37 - Something Random Shows No Results.
Fixed - #33 - Anime3 start page (Titan) has no text background, is hard to read.
Fixed - b83be7b - Cleaned up MPEI folder and fixed all paths.
Fixed - 7700480 - Skip processing default toggle full screen video key if video is playing.
Fixed - 1707376 - Titan skin update (categories to tags).

Shoko On Plex

Version (In Development)

Action Git Link Description
Updated - 35e7a78 - Update Shoko On Plex to work with Shoko Server version 3.8.

Version (2017-05-22)

Action Git Link Description
Fixed - #26 - My Anime channel in Plex android app mobile mode crashes at launch.
Fixed - #30 - Show Episode Number Next To Episode Name.
Fixed - 9703bb9 - Fix includeBandwidths throwing errors..

Version (2017-01-07)

Action Git Link Description
Fixed - #36 - MyAnime on plex android trows errors on [seemingly] random series.
Removed - 71f042e - Remove hard-coded search and preferences.

Anime Buddy


Action Git Link Description
Added N/A You can now mark an episode as watched (JMM Server Required).
Added N/A You can now download and play an episode (JMM Server Required).
Added N/A An indicator for the unwatched episode count is shown in the main screen (JMM Server Required).
Updated N/A Show sequels and prequels in the “You May Also Like” section (JMM Server Required).


Action Git Link Description
Added N/A Initial Release.